Fine Dining Etiquettes

Fine Dining EtiquettesFine dining is not just about the responsibilities of the host, it also involves cooperation from the guests in terms of behavior and decorum. As guests, you ought to know certain ‘know how’s’ involved in fine dining.

Dealing with Knives and Spoons

Always cross your plate with a knife and spoon if you haven’t finished eating, knowing your way around knives and spoon is necessary to communicate with your hosts.

Using the Napkin

Do not wipe your face with a napkin, just dab it on your face. Please do not place food on your napkin.

Working your way around Alcohol

At fine dining restaurants, alcohol is a means to compliment the food. In order to completely enjoy your food, drink your alcohol in moderation.

Food Manners

Please don’t speak when your mouth is full with food. If you don’t know how to eat a certain food, don’t be embarrassed to ask for guidance.


It’s always advisable to not discuss controversial matters while dining. Your brain will anyway be too focused on the amazing food that is spread on the table.

Be nice

Be nice to the waiters and the staff. Most of the time, people don’t know how to treat waiters and staff. They are normal people, and they deserve gratitude and respect.

Enjoy the Vibe

Fine dining restaurant is an amalgamation of ambiance, music, and food. Pay attention to everything.

Enjoy the Food

Have a clear state of mind. There is a relation between food, mind, and body. In many culture, eating food is considered a meditative process because while consuming food, one is indulging in the act of nourishing oneself.

Don’t be under pressure

In order to come across as mannered, don’t pressure yourself to come across as severely mannered. In the end, you are there to enjoy your food.